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Ulag Zone

giovedì 3 maggio 2018

OSSELTION: Reamping solos...with impulse!

Hi Beasts!!!
Do you remember the previous post about the session for the 10th anniversary OsseltioN's track?
Well...a little secret, this time, no cabinet but IMPULSE!
I rec the distorted sound directly in the Joemeek OneQ pre, and I processed all with:

1-Ignite Amps Nadir, loaded with Dark Wave Recording Studio impulse cabinet!
2-A post correction EQ with the Ignite Amps PTEq.
Sounds good...DAMN GOOD!

Of course, Ignite don't run on ProTools, but I use a simple software free edition by Mulab.

Another step in the abyss of time...STAY CONNECT!!!



Ignite Amps FB page

Dark Wave Recording Studio FB Page

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