Ulag Zone

Ulag Zone

sabato 5 maggio 2018

OsseltioN-Primordial (FREE FULL DOWNLOAD LINK)

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the final track from 2016 Digital/Primordial album by my OsseltioN!
Here we have another excellent special guests: XES (Infernal Angels, Deathcvlt, Byblis, Lilyum, Boa, Shadowreign, Hell Burn)-additional growling vocals, Riccardo WOLF Ricci (Scala Mercalli)-additional guitar solos and Lorenzo P.E. Petrini (Ibridoma, Scala Mercalli, Carcazz)-5 strings bass.

And, FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in the Youtube video description, the DOWNLOAD LINK to the FULL album, bios, Cover/Rear and credits!!!

Thanks you all for the AWESOME reception reserved for this album.
It was VERY HARD to realize, in more or less 7 years, with various impopolar sonor decisions, but I am PROUD of this chapter of my life!


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