Ulag Zone

Ulag Zone

sabato 14 aprile 2018

ULAG ZONE ASSAULT: Marco Vitali crunch recording

Hi Beasts!!!
The tentacular MarcoV begin his development of "Ulag Zone Assault" called "A-53".
The first recordings are for the...CRUNCH?!?!?!?!
Hellyeah, totally insane Fusion/Extreme Metal!!!
So, for this sound research, we used 2 weapons.
First of all, a MXR Super Comp, with criminal setting, for a smash "dynamic" (ehmn...).
Number two, a little surprise.
A prototype developed by the great Federico "Ferro" Ferretti from Dark Wave Recording Studios in collaboration with my Ulag Zone.
This is a (over)boost, a part of a more complex EXTREME idea.

For this case, we have a "abrasive" crunch/overdrive..with dissonance!
Stay connect for more news!!!


MXR/Dunlop site


The Dark Wave site, take a look!

The band of my great friend Marco Vitali



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