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Ulag Zone

sabato 27 gennaio 2018

A interesting test: PSP AUDIOWARE XENON

Hi guys!!!
This time, I want to talk about a plug-in mastering limiter, by PSP Audioware.
This time, I working on a instrumental song by Paolo Bassi, a good guy with a passion for '70 sound, Stratocaster lead and the good rock.
In the mastering section, I have try a "Xenon" limiter (demo full functionally).
So, great stuff!
Generally, I working with the PSP MasterQ, for extreme productions, really brutal on transients and dynamic!
But, the Xenon, is very interesting with the "glue" of the various intruments!
The low frequencies are fat, non very reactive, but with the right deep.
The high frequencies, is absolutely not harsh, but cleary and present.
In team with the PreQursor, we have a "vintage" style, with, also, a modern sound.

Another interesting, after the E27, good surprise by PSP Audioware.




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